How to do a Football Accumulator Bet

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Accumulators are one of the most popular types of bets in football markets. They can offer great odds and can be big earners if done correctly. However, for many, accumulators offer more promise than results.

Here’s a few tips to help you get the most out of football accumulators and increase your chances of winning.


Play it Safe

It’s easy to get carried away with ever-increasing odds when building an accumulator but there’s no use in high odds that won’t return winnings. The odd dubious result may be worth including to boost odds but make sure it’s well-reasoned.

When making your selections, you want each leg to be able to hold up on its own merits. The more risky selections, the less chance you have of winning anything at all.


Pay Attention to the Odds

On the flip side, it can be tempting to include a lot of odds on selections. Whilst it’s advisable to do so, it’s worth paying close attention to the odds.

Barcelona may be a certainty to knock out their 4th tier opponents from the cup, but at odds of 1/30, theirs is little point including them. A selection like that will make next to no difference to your overall odds and comes with the risk (however small) of ruining your acca.

Back odds on sides but only when they represent a reasonable value to your acca.


Don’t Go Overboard

You might think you’ve cracked it with a series of sure-fire selections that can’t possibly lose but the more you have the greater your chance of leaving empty-handed. A 16-fold selection of 1/4 favourites may sound good but it only takes one misfire to ruin it all.

Pick your selections carefully and don’t be swayed by the name alone. Make sure every selection is well-informed before adding it to the bet slip. Discovering one poor value selection could be the difference between losing a high odds acca and winning a slightly reduced odds acca.


Stick to What You Know

Searching further afield to boost your odds is rarely a good idea. If you don’t pay close attention to the Eredivisie, adding AZ Alkmaar to your bet slip just because you think they’re a top side is a recipe for disaster.

Either do your research so that your selection is informed or leave it out. If your budding accumulator’s odds aren’t worth the bet, don’t do it.

Football accumulators are all about finding value, if the weekend’s fixtures aren’t providing it, then wait for the next for a better acca.

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