Harry Kane WAS Offside Before Winning a Penalty Against Chelsea

Kane offside

VAR was the main talking point as Chelsea lost 1-0 to Tottenham in the first leg of their Carabao Cup semi-final last night, but footage provided by Chelsea analysts has ‘proved’ that Harry Kane was offside before winning the penalty.

After going clean through on goal from a borderline offside position, Harry Kane was wiped out by Chelsea goalkeeper Kepa Arrizabalaga when clean through on goal. After a long delay the offiside and penalty decision were sorted out by VAR, and Kane smashed home the penalty.

After the match at Wembley, Chelsea manager Maurizio Sarri was shown a replay of the incident from one of his backroom staff, apparently showing a different angle and a different conclusion – Harry Kane was offside.


Sarri Watches Harry Kane Offside Decision

Was Kane offside?

In the footage, from a different angle to the one we seen on Sky Sports, the top half of Harry Kane’s body appears to be ahead of the last Chelsea defender. As the head is a part of the body you can score with, should Kane have been adjudged to have been offside?

Kane offside

From the images above it is pretty clear that Harry Kane is offisde when the ball is played.


Why didn’t VAR show this?

The only reason we can think of for this is that VAR looks at a players feet, rather than their forward most body part. In the footage used by the VAR referee and shown on Sky Sports, the blue line was along the ground, there are numerous theorises around social media today, but if the VAR ref didn’t have access to the other angle, then why not?


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