Liverpool Fans get Good Luck Video’s from Naked Martin: Explicit Content

You might have heard of ‘Naked Martin’ on social media but if you haven’t, you’re in for a shock. The clue is in the mans name, but there has now been two videos of the man himself singing Liverpool songs.

The basics of Matrin’s business is, he takes requests from people and carries out the requests naked, it could be anything from a birthday wish to singing a song.

With the Champions League final taking place tonight, Naked Martin has done a couple of videos for the Liverpool fans, to wish their side good luck in Madrid.

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Naked Martin Sings You’ll Never Walk Alone

Warning: do not click play unless you’re sure!


The second video to emerge was once again a request from Liverpool fans and it’s the Virgin Van Dijk song. Van Dijk has already won the Player of the Season award and now he has a song from Naked Martin on his CV, not to mention a Champions League final against Tottenham to look forward to.


WATCH: Naked Martin Sings Virgin Van Dijk Song

Again, do not click if you are of a weak stomach!

We’re not entirely sure who requested the videos or why – but there are certainly causes for celebration in Liverpool at the moment.

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